Composed by Annie Feldmeier Adams with Steven Hess

A four-channel sound installation in the Fern Room of Chicago’s Lincoln Park Conservatory.
Endlessly looped audio; 21:11 min.

In 1865 Chicago’s Lincoln Park was named in honor of the late president (slain April 14, 1865). At the time, the park
included an active cemetery. To expand and beautify the setting, and to quell health concerns, the city began to remove
the interned bodies. In 1871 the Great Chicago Fire burned cemetery burial records along with wood and stone grave
markers, leaving an unknown number of bodies forgotten under the site.

In the verdant, fecund Fern Room a Requiem will sound for those who still lie buried below the conservatory and the park.
Percussion–originated sounds are matched with a humming female voice, modeled on the Requiem (Mass for the Dead). The
musical composition is intended to echo traditional wording of an Anglican burial service: In the midst of life we are in death.

Free audio download here brought to you by FSS.

Review by Caroline Picard of the installation for Bad at Sports.

Annie Feldmeier Adams – vocals
Brendan Burke – synthetic hammond organ and piano
Steven Hess – drum, clock, contact microphone, manipulated audio tape and electronics
Joseph Clayton Mills – dulcimer, morse code instructograph and electronics
Recorded by Todd A. Carter at Experimental Sound Studios, Chicago
Mastered to stereo by Mike Hagler at King Size Sound Labs, Chicago
Curated by Lou Mallozzi for Experimental Sound Studio’s Florasonic series, in partnership with the The Chicago Park District.