Composed by Annie Feldmeier Adams with Steven Hess.

Requiem was a four-channel sound installation in the Fern Room of Chicago’s Lincoln Park Conservatory.
It was an installment in Experimental Sound Studio's Florasonic series from Sept. 2010 to Jan. 2011.

Annie Feldmeier Adams (The Black Box) and Steven Hess (Haptic, Locrian Pan American, On, Ural Umbo)
created a Requiem for those who still lie buried below the conservatory and the park. Joseph Mills from Haptic and
Brendan Burke from Interbellum aided in the recording of the installation.

Annie Feldmeier Adams (who has made videos for Interbellum, Pan American, Cristal and Locrian) created a video for
the Requiem, with visual material sourced exclusively from the Fern Room.

Digital color video, sound; 21:11 min. loop

FSS released a specially packaged, limited edition DVD with that video.
Each DVD came in a cardboard "scatterbox" with a 5x7 inch lambda print. More infomation here.

Free audio download here brought to you by FSS.

Annie Feldmeier Adams – vocals
Brendan Burke – synthetic hammond organ and piano
Steven Hess – drum, clock, contact microphone, manipulated audio tape and electronics
Joseph Clayton Mills – dulcimer, morse code instructograph and electronics
Recorded by Todd A. Carter at Experimental Sound Studios, Chicago
Mastered to stereo by Mike Hagler at King Size Sound Labs, Chicago
Curated by Lou Mallozzi for Experimental Sound Studio’s Florasonic series, in partnership with the The Chicago Park District.